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A New Community Management Through Arts and Cultures
14 th Urban Research Plaza Academic Forum
Author: Admin URP
Category: News

The Theme of 14th Urban Research Plaza Forum 2016
" A New Community Management Through Arts and Cultures"
Arts and culture strategies can be used to understand community context and celebrate community character in urban area. In this sense, community based on traditional art and culture can be seen as a narrative of a place in a time given. Nevertheless, this kind of community still facing the same problems from time to time. The biggest problem arise is management (organization, financial, regeneration). 
The 14th Urban Research Plaza Forum 2016 will discuss “A New Community Through Art and Culture”. It will emphasize on how traditional art and culture community in urban area preserve and survive among other community. In this case, 
the focus will be on management community in Japan and Indonesia.
By delivering this theme, the attention will be drawn into the effectiveness of community management in revitalizing or re-actualizing the traditional art. It is important to learn how this kind of community has been working in a wider society 
and gain a mutual understanding with people outside the community in order to create a community based on traditional art and culture. It also can be used to develop networking and to expand a community’s role from audience to active participants. 
Art and cultural integration is absolutely needed when used as a tool to provide wide access for community in solving increasingly complex social issues, particularly in urban community.


14th Urban Research Plaza Academic Forum
Time : February 23, 2016
Venue : Sasana Ajiyasa, Faculty of Visual ArtsCampus Indonesia Institute of Arts 
Yogyakarta (ISI) Jl. Parangtritis, Yogyakarta
Time : 08.30 – 15.00 WIB
Speakers : 6 persons
1. Suci Lestari Yuana (UGM)
2. Wayan Dana, Ni Nyoman Sudewi, Yohana Ari Ratnaningtyas (ISI Yogyakarta) 
3. Fahmi Prihantoro dan Ghifari Yuristiadhi (UGM)
4. Danang Bramasti (ISI Yogyakarta) 
5. Victoria Lara Labaila (UGM) 
6. Takuya Oi (OCU)

The forum will be divided into two sessions, the first session will be headed by Mimi 
Savitri, Ph.D from UGM and the second session will be headed by Adya Arsita, S.S. from ISI.
Terms of References
(1) Each speaker will give a 20 minutes presentation in English.
(2) The abstract and the CV need to be submitted to the committee on 15th February, 2014 at the latest. To 

URP (Urban Research Plaza) of Osaka City University
The Urban Research Plaza was established in April 2006. It is a brand new research center created by Osaka City University. The University has put its energy into urban studies, and produced results befitting a metropolitan university.
As its name indicates, the strongest feature of Urban Research Plaza is its framework, based on the image of a 'public square.' Unlike ordinary graduate schools and research institutions, Urban Research Plaza does not house permanent facilities or staff members who do research within the facilities and contribute to society with their research results. Instead, the Urban Research Plaza features small, re -locatable satellites ('field plazas' and overseas centers) to be opened in Osaka and foreign cities, in addition to the small number of staff and core facilities (T akahara Hall) located at the university campus. Its staff members constantly go out into the field and go abroad for research and activities for community development. With this in mind, the Urban Research Plaza serves as the center of networks for research and urban revitalization, or an open forum where people gather and meet around the theme of 'cities.' Cities are supposed to be an arena where new knowledge and culture is created through encounters and discourse amidst a gathering of a large number of p eople unknown to each other. The Urban Research Plaza is aimed at creating a research organization in urban settings of the 21st century that will implement a wide variety of endeavors with its unique structure and approach.
Osaka is currently a 'city of suffering' which faces the greatest problems in Japan in more ways than one. The philosophy of the Urban Research Plaza is to be a research institution in accord with Osaka City's communities, and to share pain, pleasure and rage with the citizens.

Urban Research Plaza Yogyakarta Office
The Urban Research Plaza (URP) Yogyakarta Office was established by Osaka City University in cooperation with the Indonesia Institute of the Arts (ISI) and Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) as one of overseas satellite centers of URP in Osaka, Japan. It is located in Faculty of Cultural Sciences UGM and was first known as Urban Culture Research Center (UCRC). Though the cooperation had been started long ago since year 2003 but the sub-center had just been effectively running only after year 2006 following name-shifting from UCRC into URP.
Very small number of officials does not hamper the office to actively inviting local scholars, practitioners and governmental elements the sub center annually holds an international forum to discuss urban issues aiming to spread the spirit of urban
studies and to find the best possible solutions for urban problems.


The committee covers acommodation during the seminar.
Please kindly send your confirmation to participate at
or contact person: Wulan Astuti (08122717332), or Dyah Ayu (08112692683)

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